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Please read information below  to make the best decision for your event.


MACKIE POWERED SPEAKERS used exclusively ......everything from a  1000 watt system(3 speakers) to a 5,000 watt system (11 speakers).   This means you will get the best sound for 50 to more than 1,000 people..!!!

LIGHTING:  Martin Magic Moon, Martin Sweeper, three different sizes of mirror balls, gobos, mini UFO, fog machines, plus several other lighting effects.

MUSIC LIBRARY - Dino's D.J. Service subscribes to www.tophitsusa.com and therefore has every TOP 40 song since 1997We have over  30,000 songs  from 1940 to the present.

DANCE PROPS - What would you like to make your event fun?  Fedora hats, disco ball necklaces, blow-up guitars, cowboy hats, Blues Brothers glasses, Michael Jackson hats, etc. ???  Pick out one for free...others at my cost.

Hula Hoops-Does any other disc jockey out there have more than I do?...would you believe 120..!!!
five(5) different sizes..!!!

KARAOKE - over 1200 songs plus mikes and monitors for the singer and audience.